Preschool (Ages 3 & 4)

The American Child Preschool has been providing an extremely successful educational start for children for the past 35 years.

A Beka Curriculum

American Child has used the A Beka curriculum with remarkable results for over 20 years.  The A Beka curriculum is a highly teachable phonics approach to early reading which is so critical in promoting future scholastic success. In fact:

  • We traditionally have 80% or more of our 4-year-old students reading by the end of the school year.
  • In addition, we follow and keep up with the magnet school entrance requirements as many of our students choose the magnet route and test into those schools.

Early Reading - PreschoolWe are dedicated to providing a quality education in a stimulating environment and having fun and diversity while learning is a big part of that.  Your child will have opportunity to use all of their senses while learning with music, art, and field trips and excursions as part of the experience.

More Than A Day Care

At American Child, we believe that your child should not have to give up family environment because you have to work outside the home. We have a very close, family environment at American Child that nurtures your child while instilling independence, self-control, a love of learning, and plenty of fun just as you would at home.

American Child - More than a Day Care CenterIt is extremely rare to be able to boast of low turnover in early childhood education, but at American child we certainly can with numerous staff members that have been here for 10 to 20 years or more.


American Child Preschool and Child Care Bookworm

Please call today and schedule time to talk about your child and how we might provide a quality education for them in a loving, family environment.