Before-After School Care

American Child offers a quality program designed specifically for the needs of the school-aged child.

Below is a sampling of services and opportunities provided to school aged children:

  • Transportation to and from most local elementary schools
  • Full-day care when schools are out
  • Indoor play room with video games, Barbies, LEGO sets, board games, etc.
  • Outdoor play area with swings, slides, and a treehouse
  • Outdoor building with video games, foozball, skiball, and tables for games and crafts
  • Separate area to do homework with homework assistance and tutoring provided
  • Field trip opportunities on ‘out of school’ days to skating rink, Chuck E. Cheese, Planet Fun, parks and more

Camp Valiant

Camp Valiant is the name of our summer program for school aged children. Camp Valiant is a day camp with two field trips per day that keeps the campers out and about for 4 or more hours each day. Campers will skate, swim, play sports, and go to the movies, museums and other points of interest and much more. Camp Valiant also has its own traditions that are staples of the program like the Christmas in July celebration and summer “snowball” fights in the park.

Come see what thousands of Shreveport kids have done for summer break since 1976!

We know that when your child is out of school and you can’t be there, you want to make sure that they are safe and happy. Let us help you in that endeavor.

American Child Preschool and Child Care Bookworm

Call us today to see if American Child is the same right choice for you that it has been for thousands of Shreveport children since 1976.